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 kukula kumuhana o kau

The annual summer cultural and environmental education program "Kukulu Kumuhana o Ka‘u" continues in its 16th year at Punalu`u for kamali‘i (students), that are seven to seventeen years old.

Kukulu Kumuhana o Ka‘u was founded in 1990, by Keolalani Hanoa (July, 1960- March, 2006) who was a “special” anake (Auntie) to twenty-five, kamali‘i (students), seven to seventeen year olds, whom she gave an abundance of “love” and “affection” to, and firmness when needed. From the youngest to the oldest, each was taught to work together, embrace responsibilities, and care for one another. She stressed education, as it was to be taken seriously, learning about their history, culture, customs, traditions, protocols and the protection of our environment: mauka (mountains) to makai (ocean). Keola created the Kukulu Kumuhana `O Ka`u Learning Center at Punalu`u to provide cultural and environmental educational programs to all schools and all ages, immersing students in traditional Hawaiian Teaching "Hands on Experiencing."


In-Kind donations of personnel expenditures, cooking supplies, parent - community volunteerism, instruction of cultural and/or environmental lessons, security, meal preparation, guidance, medical care and private funding are needed to continue this important program. Keolalani’s ‘ohana (family), close hoaloha (friends), kamali‘i’s (student) ‘ohana (families) and fellow kumu kula (master level teachers) have committed their support., as they have done for the past eleven years.


Empowered and inspired kamali‘i (students), who are active participants in the perpetuation and preservation of their rich cultural heritage.


To provide an annual summer cultural and environmental education program open to all kamali‘i (students), that are seven to seventeen years old from various communities throughout Hawai‘i Island.


Traditional native Hawaiian teaching and methodology: “hands-on experiencing”; Utilizing the surrounding environment, its habitat(s) and native endangered species as tools in “a living classroom(s)”; Applied “best practice” usages for the protection, preservation and conservation of Punalu‘u’s fragile eco-system; Re-enforce native Hawaiian cultural values, customs, traditions, protocol, language, and practices; Assist with genealogical connections to their ancestral roots; Character building: emotional, physical and spiritual strengthening; Importance of health, wellness, nutrition, exercise and anti-drug prevention; and Appreciation of “Moku o Ka‘u” (district of Ka‘u), its history and indigenous peoples.

Please, kokua! Help, towards next year's Operational - Costs which includes funding for nine (9) kumu gas stipends, kupuna honorarium, administration expenses, classroom-craft-environmental supplies, utility and kitchen expenditures and transportation fuel for three (3) excursions.

Help us continue Keolalani’s legacy by making your 100 per cent deductible donation to:
Edith Kanakaole Foundation, c/o Jamie Moana Kawauchi
P.O. Box 573, Na‘alehu, Hawai‘i 96772.